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The beauty of simple features...

Working on...

Wanted to share some snaps from our recent Att Home shoot with fashion buyer Georgia Larson. We love her East London pad and her gorgeous cat! Full shoot will be coming soon...

Room with a view

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I've always been obsessed with big windows, particularly Victorian styles with high ceiling and wooden flooring (dream). I love sash windows with shutters, they seem to frame a view so nicely. Luckily the new place I'm moving too has some amazing widows, I can't wait move in and enjoy the view....and the light /K

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Today's Detail

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In Vogue

I just stumbled across these beautiful vintage Vogue prints while on the hunt for some pieces to decorate my living room walls with. I've always loved the bohemian look of walls covered in paintings/pictures and these black and white photos would look really stunning as part of a cluster

You can get them here

/ A

Dine Divine

I've been on the hunt for a great dining table for a while now, I love the idea of a large wooden table with a mix of metallic and wooden chairs or even a bench. No matter how large your table is you can add character and atmosphere to any diner party with candles, flowers, lanterns and table runners. My lust for a new dining table continues...


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Vintage Rugs

I have been on the look out for a vintage rug for my bedroom. I particular like Persian and Moroccan ones, they look beautiful when the colours have started to fade. These types of rugs work for most interior styles - if you have a clean and simplistic space a vintage rug will add warmth and make it feel more homely.

Vintage rugs can be quite expensive across markets. If you don't want to fork out the pennies this red and cream one from Anthropolige won't cost you a fortune.


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