DIY Chairs

We love a bargin so imagine our delight when we spotted these old unloved chairs left out on the street. We brought them home, got some sandpaper and black glossy paint and in a few easy steps they were as good as new.

This is what the chairs looked like when we found them

Step 1 – Sand the old varnish off as much as you can, this is the most boring part of the job but it is important to get the old varnish off for the new paint to stick. We didn't do a perfect job as we decided a few hours of sanding is enough!

Step 2 – Now the fun part - painting!

Step 3 – After the chairs where dry enough (about 6 hours) we did a second coat to get that really glossy look

Tada! The chairs are done and passed the cat inspection with flying colours

Tags: Diy

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