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Mix and match

This quirky and very homely flat is full of character. We love the slightly mismatched kitchen and colourful living room. The bathroom is absolutely stunning and features a 1920 design to complement the original features of the building

Images via Ekenstam

Today's Detail

Lovely Bathroom details

Photography: Kristofer Johnsson

Monday Morning Bathroom Inspo

Just wanted to share a bit of Pinterest inspo with you this Monday morning. You can take a look at our Pinterest boards here for more inspiring interior pictures.

The bathroom is a room that can easily becomes a bit neglected. Just think of it as any other room in your home and hang some nice picture frames, add fresh flowers and some eye catching textiles.

Image source: Pinterest

Today's Detail

Beautiful monochrome bathroom with the perfect Tom Dixon copper lampshade
Image source: Pinterest

Today's Detail

Source: Pinterest

Lovely little bathroom with beautiful pale grey floorboards

Beautiful Bathrooms

Happy Friday everyone!

We have picked out some beautiful bathrooms to share with you. We particularly love the combination of white tiles, wood and green plants, such a simple look that you can easily create in your own home.

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Hope you all enjoy your weekends