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Today's detail

Today's details is from @annakuble. This gorgeous bouquet is ticking all the boxes...


Who dosen't love flowers, and a good bouquet can really transform a room and add a lovely scent. We love these floral ideas, perfect for Spring

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Meet The Maker - RoCo

A few weeks ago we spent the day with the lovely girls from RoCo (and we of course made sure to snap some pictures for you guys!). Caroline and Rosie, the talented duo behind the brand, invited us to their lovely house in Hampstead Heath to show us how their creations comes to life.

The pair specialise in custom made terrariums, succulents and cacti as well as beautiful plant hangers, some of which we stock – check them out here.

To see more pictures and find out about RoCo check out the full feature on our site by clicking here

Bringing Nature Inside

Green plants have of course always been popular but for 2015 they are particularly on trend. From ivy and succulents to indoor trees and delicate ferns, they all bring a certain breath of fresh air and personality to your home. For more great plant ideas check out our Pinterest board here

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Today's Detail

We love these beautiful hanging vases spotted at the Formex trade show in Stockholm last week. They are hand made by the Swedish design company Havsglas and come at a very reasonable price of 250 Swedish kroner (about £25). Love how they have a nautical feel to them – they look just like little glass floats

Image: Maria Soxbo / Husligheter

Today's Detail

We love terrariums and these copper and brass geometric ones are particularly cute

Today's Detail

Source: Pintrest

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