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Midsummer inspiration

This Friday Midsommar is celebrated in Sweden, where it's a big date in the yearly calendar. It's one of our favourite holidays and we'll be celebrating it here in London this year. It's not quite the same as the Swedish country side but we can do our best to create a summery midsummer vibe, scroll down and take a look at what our inspiration for the day will be!

For more inspiration, check out our Midsummer Pinterest board

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Swedish Midsummer

This Friday marks a big Swedish holiday - Midsummer (or Midsommar as it is called in Swedish). It's the celebration of the summer solstice, originally a pagan tradition which has been a very important day in the Scandinavian calendar for thousands of years.

Modern Swedish celebrations includes eating outside (even if it is cold and rainy!), drinking snaps and singing snaps-songs and of course dancing around the flower clad may pole while wearing a flower crown.

The flower crown should be made using wild flowers and often birch tree leaves, traditionally if you are unmarried you should pick seven kinds of wild flowers, lay them under your pillow on midsummers night and you will dream about your one true love.

Apart from the snaps there are a few things you need to include to make your Swedish midsummer feast complete! These are foods such as herring, egg halves, new potatoes with dill, gravalax, fish roe, sour cream and chives and of course for dessert - strawberries and cream sponge or meringue cake.

Here are some inspiration to get your ideas flowing. Take a look at our Midsummer Pinterest board for more ideas

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Today, the Swedish midsummer celebration takes place. It's a lovely tradition which entails dancing around a maypole with flowers in your hair, dining outside (if the weather allows it!), singing and being merry! Traditionally you are also supposed to sleep with 7 different kinds of flowers under your pillow to dream about your one true love. We want to wish a 'Glad midsommar' to all our readers out there!