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Going Going Green...

As I am sure we have mentioned before, one of the biggest interior trends for this year is indoor plant life. Bringing a bit of nature inside can really breath some life into your home. Add a bit of trendy green to your space with perhaps some ivy, cute succulents and cacti or why not a small potted tree.

This flat is a perfect example of how simple yet effective adding some green plants to your home can be. For more inspirational pictures of this trend click here!

Images: Alvhem Mäkleri

Today's Detail

Today's detail is this beautiful cabinet and lush green plant in interior stylist Johanna Laskey's Gothenburg flat.

Both Kai and I have Hendricks Gin bottles in our drinks cabinets as the bottle itself is so beautiful. Once it is empty you can always use it as a vase for a single stem flower.

Image: Johanna Laskey / Tant Johanna

Spacious Stockholm Flat

We can't get enough of this stunning 4 bed flat in Stockholm – and it is no wonder it's beautiful – it belongs to the great Swedish interior stylist Lotta Agaton. Check it out!

Images: Alexander White

Bringing Nature Inside

Green plants have of course always been popular but for 2015 they are particularly on trend. From ivy and succulents to indoor trees and delicate ferns, they all bring a certain breath of fresh air and personality to your home. For more great plant ideas check out our Pinterest board here

Images: Pinterest

Today's Detail

We love these beautiful hanging vases spotted at the Formex trade show in Stockholm last week. They are hand made by the Swedish design company Havsglas and come at a very reasonable price of 250 Swedish kroner (about £25). Love how they have a nautical feel to them – they look just like little glass floats

Image: Maria Soxbo / Husligheter

Happy 2015

Happy new year folks!

We thought we start the year off with some great homeware inspirations.

One of the big trends for 2014 which will continue in to the new year is high shine metals. We absolutely love copper and brass pots and wanted to share some of our favourite ones with you. If you want to get your own we now also sell pots in both metals on Check them out
here and here

Images: Att Pynta & Pinterest

Today's Detail

DIY green house /K&A