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Beautiful Bathrooms

Happy Friday everyone!

We have picked out some beautiful bathrooms to share with you. We particularly love the combination of white tiles, wood and green plants, such a simple look that you can easily create in your own home.

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Hope you all enjoy your weekends


Wild Flowers

Who doesn't love the look of freshly picked wildflowers? If you don't happen to live near a forest, grabbing a couple stems of different varieties from your local florist will do the trick. You don't need to purchase a big fancy (and expensive) bouquet to create this type of romantic floral display. Just use whatever glass jars and vases you can find around your home (old jam jars work really well) and Voilà!


Blue Ivy

I love ivy and have it in quite a few places around my house, it is a really sturdy plant and as it grows so fast you don't feel too bad cutting a steam off to pop in a vase. I found this tiny little blue vase in Spitalfields market a few years ago, it is actually a component from an old oil lamp and I absolutely love the colour.

The stainless steel matchebox is from Svenskt Tenn, which by the way also stock some really beautiful small vases perfect for ivy here


Spring Greens

With Summer just around the corner it's the perfect time to get some greenery into your home. Plants add a lovely feel to any room as well as having air-purifying qualities that can absorb and strip toxins. Time to get green fingered.

/ K