The ultimate kitchen diner

Swedish interior designer Marie-Louise Sjögren is selling her stunning Stockholm apartment. It is clear to see that this home has be carefully designed by a pro. One of our favourite rooms in this space is the kitchen / dining room - making the kitchen feel like any other room in the house is a great way to create a nice and calm dining area. By opting for only bottom cupboards and using the space above the sink for a stunning piece of artwork cleverly disguises the fact you are dining in a kitchen. By using the kitchen surface to display some beautiful artefacts makes the space feel very cosy and create a feel of a sideboard rather than kitchen worktops. The wall opposite houses all the kitchen appliances beautifully covered up for a sleek and cohesive look. The rest of the home is pretty amazing too.. take a look!

Images from Per Jansson Fastighetsförmedling (who are the real estate agents currently selling this property)