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Midsummer inspiration

This Friday Midsommar is celebrated in Sweden, where it's a big date in the yearly calendar. It's one of our favourite holidays and we'll be celebrating it here in London this year. It's not quite the same as the Swedish country side but we can do our best to create a summery midsummer vibe, scroll down and take a look at what our inspiration for the day will be!

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A neutral colour scheme never goes out of fashion and is a great way of creating a beautiful looking home, whatever your style. Sticking to neutrals is also a great way to create a calm, cohesive and professional looking home decor in a simple and easy way. The trick is to really commit to the colour palette and not stray with that fun colourful printed cushion you spotted in the latest number of ELLE Decoration!

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Home office inspiration

Now that a lot of us have started working from home we thought it would be a perfect time to give you a bit of home office inspiration...

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Swedish Midsummer

This Friday marks a big Swedish holiday - Midsummer (or Midsommar as it is called in Swedish). It's the celebration of the summer solstice, originally a pagan tradition which has been a very important day in the Scandinavian calendar for thousands of years.

Modern Swedish celebrations includes eating outside (even if it is cold and rainy!), drinking snaps and singing snaps-songs and of course dancing around the flower clad may pole while wearing a flower crown.

The flower crown should be made using wild flowers and often birch tree leaves, traditionally if you are unmarried you should pick seven kinds of wild flowers, lay them under your pillow on midsummers night and you will dream about your one true love.

Apart from the snaps there are a few things you need to include to make your Swedish midsummer feast complete! These are foods such as herring, egg halves, new potatoes with dill, gravalax, fish roe, sour cream and chives and of course for dessert - strawberries and cream sponge or meringue cake.

Here are some inspiration to get your ideas flowing. Take a look at our Midsummer Pinterest board for more ideas

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Easter Inspiration

With Easter upon us we wanted to share some great ways of bringing the season into your home! Easter decoration, or 'pynt' as we call it in Sweden, can easily look tacky so sticking to muted or earthy tones is a great trick!

One stylist who is really good at getting the Easter decorations right is Danielle Witte. Several of the below images are styled by her - take a look at her blog here for more inspiration.

Scroll down and feel the inspiration flow!

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Weekly Lust List

Here are some of the things we've been lusting over at Pinterest this week.

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New Year's eve

Take a look at our latest Evening Standard column for some New Years Eve inspiration!

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